TianChi Ice Machine Operation Procedure

This company produces the IMS series automatic ice machine is a cuboid shape, beautiful appearance, with continuous ice making, ice faster, the characteristics of large quantity of ice.

Ice machine operation procedure:

1.before power on, first check the use of power supply voltage, and the voltage is consistent, the outlet is in compliance with safety standards, and has installed electrical leakage protection switch and receive good ground wire .Confirm all meet the electricity requirements .

2.before the start, the ice broke to a diameter of about 20 mm, can put in the barrel, top with convex feeding cylinder mouth is appropriate .Pay attention to the opening the power switch, the motor with a power disc rotation are allowed to board pneumatic materials pressing cover with handle is pressed downwards,then through the fastening rotary cutter blade on the ice to the shredding .But the operation handle is pressed downwards pressing cover when not too hard, so as not to damage the motor motor locked-rotor .And should pay attention to material is reduced after the ice margin, timely replenishment of the new ice block .

3.chopped ice particles,through the discharge opening into the dish .

rolling ice should be starting ice machine to reach the rated transporting speed before rolling the ice, ice is advanced after starting.Be aware of blowdown smoothly, must not be blocked, otherwise it will cause death card cutter, burn motor .Such as the discovery of cutter is blocked, should be instituted immediately pressing cover with handle, closing the switch, pull the plug, the timely troubleshooting.