TIANCHI Liquid Nitrogen Container Cleaning Problem

The cleaning of the liquid nitrogen container will affect the service life of the tank. If the missing material used in the tank is attached to the inner tank, it will cause corrosion to the inner tank of the aluminum alloy. If a cavity is formed, the liquid nitrogen container will be scrapped, so the liquid nitrogen When the tank is not in use, rinse it with clean water, drain the water, blow it dry with a blower, and place it at room temperature for use.

TIANCHI Liquid nitrogen container cleaning problem

The specific brushing methods are as follows:

1. Take out the liquid nitrogen container, remove the liquid nitrogen, and place it for 2-3 days. When the temperature inside the tank rises to about 0 °C, pour the warm water around 30 °C and scrub with a cloth.

2. If it is found that the individual melted substances are stuck on the bottom of the inner liner, be sure to wash them carefully.

3. Rinse several times with clean water, then invert the liquid nitrogen container, place it indoors safely and not overturn, or air dry with a blower as described above.

Note that during the entire brushing process, the action should be slow, the temperature of the inverted water should not exceed 40 °C, and the total weight should not exceed 2 kg.