​TianChi Liquid Nitrogen Tank To Use Method

       First check before use tianchi liquid nitrogen container filled with liquid nitrogen, we must first check whether the shell droop, vacuum exhaust port is intact. If damaged, the degree of vacuum will be reduced, the air can not be severely isolated, so the tank will frost, loss of liquid nitrogen, lost the value of continued use. Second, check whether there is foreign body in the tank, must be cleared to prevent liner corrosion.

TianChi Liquid Nitrogen Tank To Use Method

       Second, liquid nitrogen filling

       Be careful when filling liquid nitrogen. For dry water tank or tank, you must first slowly filled with water, pre-cooling, to prevent the tank tank cooling too fast, reducing service life. Do not inject liquid nitrogen into the vacuum exhaust port when injecting liquid nitrogen to avoid a vacuum drop. Gas is made of insulating material, both to prevent the evaporation of liquid nitrogen can also play a fixed transmission, so as to minimize wear and prolong the service life.

TianChi Liquid Nitrogen Tank To Use Method

       Third, check the process of using the inspection process regularly. You can observe with the eyes can also touch the shell, if the appearance of hanging frost, should stop using; especially the frosted neck wall should not be scraped with a scraper to avoid damage to the inner wall of the neck, resulting in poor vacuum, and liquid nitrogen is removed, Let it melt naturally.