Tianchi Snow Maker Ice Making Process Easy

        Customers do not blindly pursue low prices when purchasing products. Please look for the "Tianchi" trademark. The overall design of the Tianchi brand snowflake ice maker comes from the expert's hands. The whole ice making process is easy and comfortable, and the perfect humanized design allows you to experience the beauty of technology.

        Tianchi brand explains the series of snow ice machines for you:


        (A) product features

        1. The use of the world famous brand - Zanussi Compressor of Italy has high cooling efficiency.

        2. Pure copper ice bucket, stainless steel skate, safe and reliable.

        3. Fully automatic microcomputer control, stable operation and reliable control.

        4. All 304 2B stainless steel shell, durable and elegant.

        5.Saving electricity and water-saving design, fluorine-free refrigerant, environmental protection and energy conservation.

        6. The front of the power switch and function indicator, easy to use.

        7. The ice shape is indeterminate small granular crushed ice, ice-shaped small, can penetrate a narrow gap, cooling speed, ice bath effect is good, designed for the laboratory.