Two Methods To Check Pregnant Ewe With B Ultrasound

Two methods to check pregnant ewe with B ultrasound

There are two methods to check pregnant ewe with B ultrasound:

Use convex probe or linear probe to check the abdomen, and rectal probe for rectum. These two methods are both quite useful to diagnose pregnancy. On the base of some publication, we agree that both the methods on pregnancy diagnosis are proved to be effective.

— Within 35 days of pregnancy, result of rectal way is more precise than that of abdominal way;

— During 35 to 70 days of pregnancy, both are equally effective.

— After 70 days of pregnancy, abdominal method would be better. This way would be more practical for the bigger womb.

Abdomen check

1. Abdomen check can be done when the ewe is standing, lying or squatting. Put the probe on the middle abdomen without fur and is set to be the proper position for checking in advance.

2. If there is mud on this part, clean with water first in case the abdomen pelvic structure could not be displayed accurately.

3. Measure the hilum-spine length.

4. Measure the selected parameter distance according to distance measurement method, the corresponding gestation age data will be automatically shown behind "G.A".