Typical Images Of Three Typical Stages Of Animal B Ultrasound

   Breeding industry develops constantly, pig farmers are also increasing constantly ,the majority of farmers attached great importance to sows whether they pregnant and their health condition, now with the rapid development of science and technology, animal B ultrasound has brought great benefits to the farmers. So What are the pregnancy tests of sows by the animal B ultrasonic machine? Look at the following introduction.

Typical Images of Three Typical Stages of Animal B Ultrasound

   The images in each period of the sow pregnancy have their own characteristics, but the typical images of the three typical periods are summarized.

   1.The images of empty pregnant,the instrument detected a grayish-white uterine condition,without any content.

   2.The images of 21 to 65 days of pregnancy, 21 to 65 days of sow pregnancy as the gestational sac period, the pregnancy images we see are all gestational sac, and the gestational sac is shown as a black circular hole in b-ultrasound.

   3.The images of the pregnant 70 days later, the piggy bone has been calcified, at this time there is no longer a black gestational sac, but an arc like a dotted line of porcine vertebrae, it is difficult to judge at this time. But there is still a big difference when contrasting with empty images.

Typical Images of Three Typical Stages of Animal B Ultrasound