Valve Cleaning Of Ice Making Machine

The ice produced by catering ice maker is used for making cold drinks. The quality of ice must be guaranteed. In order to produce clean and pollution-free ice, we should regularly clean the ice maker and its valves (sinks, shunts, etc.). The ice maker is troublesome to clean. The specific cleaning methods are as follows:

Valve Cleaning of Ice Making Machine

1. Cleaning the flume. The sink is relatively simple, clean it with a clean wet cloth and a neutral detergent. The sink can be cleaned regularly, so as to avoid pump failure.

2. Emotional washing of shunt pipes. We can tie the cotton sticks together, about five or six, and wipe the holes in the shunt pipe repeatedly with the cotton sticks tied together. The purpose is to keep the shunt pipe not blocked and the flow of water more uniform.

3. For radiator cleaning. We can first remove the bolts on both sides of the louvers and take them off. On the left hand side is the radiator, which is scaly. If the radiator of some ice maker is on the back side of the main engine, it is necessary to remove the back panel, remove the cleaning filter, and clean the radiator.