Veterinary B Type Ultrasound Of Use - Pig Farms

1) Veterinary B-monitoring follicular development and ovulation when to match, improve the rate of breeding to provide a reliable scientific basis;

2) Veterinary B super-early pregnancy monitoring can be found in the first 23 days after the breeding of empty sows, so as soon as possible for the corresponding treatment;

3) Gestational stage B ultrasound monitoring can be found in stillbirth, abortion, embryo absorption, and can estimate the number of pregnant minds;

4) Production of veterinary B-ultrasound can determine the fetal vitality and fetal, fetal clothing is exhausted;

5) Postpartum veterinary B-monitoring can be observed uterine recovery status, while diagnosis of endometritis, uterine pus, fluid and other reproductive disorders.

6) Can be live for the backfat thickness and eye muscle area of the determination of breeding pig breeding and quality identification to provide accurate data.