Veterinary B Ultra Use Method

1, the test results

       Only intermittent sound (no long continuous tone) = "No pregnancy".Interrupted sound with a continuous sound = "pregnant"

       In order to obtain accurate test results, the earliest sow can be tested 18 days after sowing, the latest can not exceed 75 days after sowing, testing 18 days after mating should be repeated in 30 days to ensure accurate Test Results.


2, check the pregnancy detector is working properly

       Use your thumb to squeeze the center of the front of the pregnancy detector. This is the "ON" key. You can hear the sound. This means that the instrument is working properly. If you do not hear the sound, see the instructions on the problem.

3, test procedures

       B-test procedures for veterinary use in the previous article has been introduced to you, please refer to specific: Cattle B Ultrasound Use Method