Veterinary B-ultrasound Check On The Location

       Veterinary B ultrasound is a high-tech means of observation of living section, without damage and stimulation. Now it has become a veterinary diagnostic animal assistant and live oocytes, embryo transfer and other necessary equipment. At present, veterinary B-ultrasound has been introduced into livestock husbandry for judging pregnancy, diagnosing animal diseases, matching feed supply in different periods, and the like.

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       Veterinary B ultrasound in animal husbandry and aquaculture industry is an important role in pregnancy check. During the inspection process, it is necessary to select the probing position, otherwise it will affect the inspection result. To cattle, for example, the inspection methods are mainly in vitro, vaginal and rectal probing three. The most accurate exploration method is rectal exploration, need Baoding cow, coupling lubricant probe. The testing staff is right behind the cow, with the right hand holding the probe deep into the rectum. It is important to find the approximate location of the cow's reproductive organs and probe to probe above genitalia. The inspectors need experience, otherwise the cow will be miscarriated because of the test operation.