Veterinary B Ultrasound Machine Maintenance

There are many components of veterinary B ultrasound , including probes, hosts, monitors, etc.Some parts are fragile and expensive. If improper maintenance is performed, the parts will be damaged, thereby reducing the service life of the whole machine and increasing the user's cost. .

1. The parameter settings of the veterinary B ultrasound machine are generally in the best state after leaving the factory. Do not easily adjust the parameter settings when not necessary. In special cases, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and gain to meet the detection requirements of different environments. Remember to restore the original settings in time, for fear of forgetting the original settings, you can save photos.

2. According to the sanitary conditions of the use environment, regularly remove dust, dirt and humidity from the inside and outside of the machine. If there is a B ultrasound instrument that freezes after one or two years of use, the self-test cannot be performed immediately after opening or an abnormal phenomenon occurs after working for a while. This may be because there is too much dust in the machine, which causes a short circuit inside the machine or the temperature inside the machine is too high, which affects the normal operation of the machine.

3. Carefully observe the circuit components, check for abnormal or deteriorated components, analyze and eliminate abnormal phenomena.

4. Clean the connector's conductive contact parts and the surface of the high-voltage insulation to protect the connector's good electrical contact and prevent dirt leakage points of the high-voltage components.

5. Tighten all connectors and fixing screws to ensure that the overall system is in good contact and stable.

6. Check the detection performance of the instrument and the control performance of the panel control keys, and properly adjust each performance control knob to make the whole in a good working condition.