Veterinary B Ultrasound Observe The Development Of Corpus Luteum

     6-8 hours after ovulation luteal began to form, this time the diameter of the corpus luteum is 6-8mm, this time by high-resolution veterinary B ultrasound detection of corpus luteum. Touch is like a soft, meaty tissue. The well-developed corpus luteum has a diameter of 25-35 mm, protruding from the surface of the ovary and slightly toughened.

     Ovulation 2-5d Follicle diameter of about 20-25mm, soft texture, palpation should be cautious at this time, if not properly used may affect the normal development of the corpus luteum. 7-10d ovulation luteal largest, about 25-30mm in diameter.

     If after fertilization, will continue to exist, increasing the volume of about 28-35mm in diameter, also known as pregnancy reproductive science corpus luteum, expired veterinary use of corpus luteum significantly. The main source of cows' progesterone during pregnancy.

Veterinary B ultrasound Observe the development of corpus luteum

     In the absence of pregnancy, the cow estrous cycle 11-15 days began to shrink in the prostaglandin role, rapid decline after 18 days until the luteal phase after the sexual cycle further degradation, the final formation of luteal residue.

     The corpus luteum is a periodic endocrine organ. Secretion of estrogen and progesterone, the main function of the corpus luteum is the synthesis and secretion of progesterone, progesterone can promote uterine gland uterine gland secretion and promote breast development in preparation for the maintenance of pregnancy.

     In the luteal phase estrus cycle, increased progesterone can inhibit uterine contractions and promote the growth and development of endometrial glands, providing embryonic implantation of nutritional conditions.

     In addition to the production of progesterone and progesterone, but also produce other hormones, progesterone has been found released, oxytocin, insulin and prostaglandin and so on.