Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment And Embryo Transfer

What is the effect of veterinary ultrasound equipment on the embryo transfer of dairy cows?Veterinary ultrasound equipment can help provide qualified donor cows.Reliable embryo supply is the primary condition for embryo transfer. In addition to excellent varieties, donor cows must have normal reproductive performance.B-ultrasound can clearly detect the ovarian function, uterus, fallopian tubes and other conditions of donor cows, avoiding the inability to harvest embryos or get a small amount of embryos with low quality due to congenital reproductive disorder or reproductive diseases of donor cows.The collection of cow embryos is usually on the 7th day after the donor cows estrus, so in order to ensure the same physiological state during transplanting, the time of transplanting recipient cows should also be on the 7th day after the end of the cow estrus, but does the cow have conditions suitable for transplanting on the 7th day – have the proper functional corpus luteum? B-ultrasound can make accurate identification.Therefore, B-ultrasound is an effective means to improve the success rate of embryo transfer.


Other:There are many uses for B-ultrasound, such as the detection of uterine torsion in the delivery of dairy cows, the diagnosis of gestation of pregnant cows, the monitoring of uterine involution, and the determination of the number of fetuses.