Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Transport And Storage

     1, Storage and transportation environmental requirements

     Temperature: +10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃

     Relative humidity range: 30% ~ 75%

     Atmospheric pressure range: 30KPa ~ 106KPa

Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Transport And Storage.jpg

     2, Transport

     Equipment used in the box logo in line with GB / T191-2008 (packaging and transportation pictorial signs) requirements, the box has a simple anti-vibration facilities, suitable for aviation, railways, highways and shipping. Avoid splashes of snow and ice, inversion and collision.

     3, Storage

     When the instrument is stored for more than 6 months, the instrument should be removed from its packaging. After 4 hours of energization, the instrument is loaded into the container in the direction indicated on the packaging. 

     Note: Do not stack the instrument, not close to the ground, walls and roof. Indoor should be well ventilated, to avoid strong sunlight and corrosive gas erosion.