What Are The Inspection Positions And Methods For Veterinary B-ultrasound

Cow inspection: rectal or body surface examination can be used. In the rectal examination, the veterinary b-ultrasound can be directly brought into the rectum, and the accuracy rate can reach 100% at 32 days.

Sheep inspection: The ewes generally take a natural standing position, the assistants support them and keep them quiet, or the assistants can hold the ewes neck Baoding with their legs, and they can also use the simple Baoding Baoding. Lateral Baoding can slightly diagnose the date and improve the diagnostic accuracy, but it is inconvenient for large groups.

What are the inspection positions and methods for veterinary b-ultrasound

Examination of other parts of the animal: the surface of the body surface of the examined organ can be simply cut hair and coated with a coupling agent. By rotating the veterinary b-ultrasound probe, various cut images of the examined organ can be obtained, thereby Make a diagnosis.