What Are The Methods For Maintenance Of Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

The life of liquid nitrogen tanks is five years, but most customers don't use them. Why? Tianchi manufacturers remind: liquid nitrogen tanks should pay attention to regular maintenance and maintenance during the later use, the specific method is as follows.

liquid nitrogen tanks is five years for life

1. Regularly observe the amount of liquid nitrogen inside the tank for timely replenishment.

2. For new tanks or tanks that are in a dry state, they must be slowly filled and pre-cooled to prevent the temperature from being destroyed too quickly to destroy the liner and reduce the service life.

3. When using a liquid nitrogen tank to access the frozen essence, pay attention to it. The frozen essence should be stored in liquid nitrogen. When the temperature rises from minus 196 °C to minus 100 °C to minus 70 °C, it will be damaged.

4. The liquid nitrogen tank should be cleaned once a year. The cleaning can be washed first with a neutral detergent, then rinsed with warm water. After cleaning, the liner is fully dried.