What Is The Basket Of Liquid Nitrogen Container?

Liquid nitrogen container basket: mainly used to store biological samples, embryos, semen, etc., but can not be placed directly into the basket, need to use the frozen tube, and then put the frozen tube into the basket.



If the drawer type basket is used, the frozen storage tube should be placed in the small tweezers of the drawer, and the drawer should be inserted into the drawer to prevent the drawer from falling off into the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen container.


Then hang the basket in the tank slot of the tank to ensure that the sample to be frozen is completely immersed in liquid nitrogen, otherwise liquid nitrogen needs to be added. When using the sample, just raise the basket.

Note: 1) The bottom of the basket is empty, so don't worry about liquid nitrogen.

2) Liquid nitrogen container baskets can only be used with large-diameter cryogenic storage tanks. For 50-caliber tanks, the lifting cylinder is commonly used. And each liquid nitrogen tank can be equipped with up to 6 baskets.

3) The basket is welded with stainless steel. After long-term use, check whether there is de-soldering, so as not to drop the basket into the liquid nitrogen tank.