What Is The Role Of The Dewar Lock Cover?

The dewar lock cover consists of a top flap and a base. When the flip cover and the base are combined, the lock is found at the base. This place can lock the liquid nitrogen tank to ensure the safe storage of the sample. The cover only has a cover and the lock needs to be provided by the user.


The main function of the lock cover of the dewar is to lock the liquid nitrogen container, so that no one can open it casually, and it can protect the sample from safety and anti-theft. On the other hand, the liquid nitrogen tank with the lock cover looks more complete. Some users choose a liquid nitrogen tank with a lock cover for this reason.

Note: The main function of the lock cover is to ensure the safety of the sample. If the user uses a low temperature storage tank - the liquid nitrogen tank is only used to store liquid nitrogen, it is not recommended to add a lock cover.