What Kind Of Ice Machine Does The Laboratory Use?

Laboratory ice maker is mainly used to provide ice bath environment for samples when conducting life science related experiments, so as to prevent degradation or deterioration of samples (such as nucleic acids and proteins) due to temperature changes, so as to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of experimental results. Most of the time, our samples are placed in EP tubes, centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes and other containers, and then the sample tubes are inserted into the ice bath, and the temperature is maintained by contact. Because the sample and ice can't contact directly, but need to be transmitted through the tube wall, so the contact area of the tube wall and ice bath is the guarantee of the ice bath effect. In order to better protect the sample, we should try to expand the contact area of the tube wall and ice bath.

What kind of ice machine does the laboratory use

In view of the above considerations, the laboratory ice maker generally chooses the snowflake ice maker. The ice produced by this type of ice maker is snowflake like ice. Because the particles are very small, it can make close contact with the tube wall to ensure the ice bath effect.