What Probes Are Used For B-ultrasound For Sheep

The role of b-ultrasound in sheep farms is more to detect the pregnancy status of ewe. Early pregnancy diagnosis can be performed 30 to 50 days after breeding of ewe. When b-ultrasound is performed on sheep, there are usually two Ways: in vitro and in vivo. Different detection methods use different ultrasound probes.

1. Sheep do ultrasound probe selection

When rectal exploration is performed with a 6.5MHz linear array probe, the sheep will naturally stand in Baoding. After removing the feces in the rectum, the long-handle probe lubricated with coupling agent or disinfectant will be slowly inserted into the anus. Scanning at a 45-degree angle, the sonograms of the vagina, cervix, bladder, uterine horn, and ovary can be displayed in order. The uterine and ovarian structures are clearly seen in the anterior and lower part of the bladder fluid dark area, and the boundary around the envelope is clear. The pubic symphysis with strong echogenic vocal shadows can be used as the dividing line between the pelvic cavity and the abdominal cavity.

2. Sheep do b-ultrasound probe selection

The best position for in-vitro exploration using 3.5MHz convex array probe for body surface exploration is the hairy area on the inside of the thigh and the back of the breast. The ewe is lying on its side, the probe and the skin are coated with an ultrasonic coupling agent and compressed vertically, and the skin is moved close to the skin at a uniform speed or an appropriate change of angle, so that the ultrasound beam passes through the abdominal wall to obtain the ultrasound section echo of the target monitoring tissue or organ. image.

3.Precautions when doing ultrasound examination of sheep

Ultrasound examination of sheep with 3.5MHz convex array probe on the right posterior ventral side wall to the contralateral posterior and upper side (better detection after shaving) and 6.5MHz (or higher frequency) linear array rectal probe down through the rectum Scan. Fasting should be performed for 24 hours before the exploration. During the feeding survey, the inflatable bowel was squeezed to the hind abdomen, which affected the observation of the section. At this point, press down on the probe with a force to squeeze open the inflatable bowel.

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