Why Choose A TianChi Ice Machine?

TianChi is one of the most trusted and reliable brands, with plenty of benefits!

1.TianChi ice makers produce the cleanest and hardest ice, which keeps drinks cooler, longer.

2.These ice machines use stainless steel evaporators, with a long life expectancy.

3.Compared to other ice makers out there,TianChi usually produces the same amount of ice in half as many cycles.

4.Uses Cycle Saver Technology.

TianChi's Cycle Saver technology allows its ice machines to Produce the Same Quantity of Ice in Half as Many Cycles as many competitor brands.With fewer cycles per day, there are typically reduced energy costs,less cleaning and maintenance, and extended life expectancy for the ice machine!

5.Employs Self-Cleaning Technology.

TianChi ice machines have a patented self-cleaning technology called "Clean Cycle."This Helps Ice Machine Owners Save Valuable Time and Money.Keeping an ice machine clean leads to longer unit life span!