Product Application

  Product Application  

liquid nitrogen biological container.png

The liquid nitrogen biological container is mainly used for breeding livestock semen frozen storage (AI) and cryopreservation of human organs,skin,blood, cells,industrial cooling assembly,cold treatment of metallic materials,cryogenic comminution,superconducting and other aspects.With the development of science and technology and the needs of industrial and agricultural production,it will be quickly spread and application,and show a bright future.

animal B-ultrasound.png

The animal B-ultrasound uses for animal farm and pet hospital. Animal pregnancy tests animal pregnancy. It is distinguishable by the lightweight, easy hand carrying, accurate imaging and simple interface with superior performance, powerful function, good stability and high cost performance.

Laboratory snowflake ice maker.png

Laboratory snowflake ice maker machine is widely used in hospitals, labs, research institutes and other occasions as well as supermarkets, food preservation, fishing refrigeration, medical applications, chemical and food processing industries, and wide application.